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LTD. "DEGER" is a subsidiary of the corporation "HEEDGROUP" (Turkey) in Ukraine.


LTD. "DEGER" (Odessa, Ukraine) is young, that successfully growing company engaged in wholesale of paint and varnish products and building chemistry.

LTD. "DEGER» (HEEDGROUP) is the exclusive representative of the brand DYO (Turkey) from the manufacturer DYO PAINT MANUFACTURING ANDTRADING COMPANY INC, which is part of Yasar Holding inc.

All the products of this brand are certified and have the documents TSE ISO 9001, TS 18001, TSE EN ISO 14001, TSE ISO 10002, TS EN ISO 50001, which is the guarantee of reliable quality to consumers around the world.

DYO products are exported to 40 countries, including the UK, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Bosnia, Russia and some former Soviet republics.

Now it's your turn to try to paint DYO.

The quality of this product is due to its own proprietary developments, and low price compared to other foreign manufacturers - the stability of the local climate (lack of space heating costs - in Turkey is always warm), cheap labor (production facilities in Turkey) and the use of its own resources.

The shelf life of the finished product at least three years from the date of manufacture. Among the advantages, so you can include a high covering power and efficiency, which reduces the cost of cover 1 m, and the absence of noxious fumes. All the products are transported in compliance with the storage conditions.

This is your way to success!